Freedom called

It wants its country back

13 September
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If you're religious, you probably don't want to be here. Trust me, I don't want you preaching at me, and if you do, you'll be removed from the journal, since I haven't got time to hear the same arguments I've heard before rehashed over and over again. Besides, I've had my meme vaccinations for the year. ;)

Just kidding, just kidding. About the vaccinations, I mean.

If you are a non-conservative, non-woman-hating, non-religious individual with a thick skin, friend me. I'll almost certainly friend you back.

I rant a lot, just in case you didn't pick up on that.

I'm a feminist of sorts, pretty sure I'm not a female supremacist, but I've been mistaken for one by less Liberal individuals. I have, however, been known to play a supremacist in the bedroom, with people who like that sort of thing.